Corporate Wellness

Want to bring more mindfulness to your workspace?

Sound Meditation is at the core of our various programs focused on reaching higher potentials for both leadership and teams. We use indigenous instruments and other sounds  which transform brain waves from an active state to a relaxed state. This allows participants to unplug from external environments in order to gain truthful and applicable perspectives on their complex “inner world”.



“Harvard Business School research found that two of the most effective business tools for modern executives are meditation and intuition. Sound meditation is an effective meditation because it provides the same benefits as meditation, yet you simply need to allow the vibrations to wash over you. No effort is required. The result is a quieting of the mind, which provides the opening to access greater intuition. Meditation combined with sound healing helps people transmute their energy leading to tangible, long-term benefits. 

This invites an  opportunity to unplug from the external world to gain perspectives on your inner world. Join forward-thinking corporate leaders who have experienced the direct benefits of an Elevated Sound Meditation on the wellness of their team.”

For The organization:

Employee retention helps in team building & connection increases productivity increases creativity & decision-making helps alleviate stress & tension in the workplace and at home reduce potential employee burnout and stress

For employees:

Improves self mastery over your mind & emotions 

Restores energy when you are mentally & physically fatigued

Improves mental clarity 

30 minutes of rest and meditation with sound  is equivalent to 2 hours of deep sleep.

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