Yoga For The Dental Professionals (ZOOM)

Yoga for the dental professional

The dental professional is at high risk for repetitive motion disorders. I know first hand because I have been in the dental profession for over 27 years as a Dental Assistant and a Dental Hygienist. My passion is to help others work as pain free as they can. I also understand that it is difficult to have perfect ergonomics when working. However, there is a way to physically balance your body, mind and soul. In this yoga class the asanas are designed for the dental professional. Come to class knowing that you will learn the proper alignment and get 100% of the benefit of the posture. This class is designed to help you to keep your spine healthy, so you can take care of your loved ones, your patients and most importantly yourself. 

Classes can be held in the dental office. (Depending on space)
or Via ZOOM 
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